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How to Cook A Reindeer
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Since time immemorial, the Sami people of northern Scandinavia have lived a life based around an intimate connection with a seemingly harsh and unforgiving environment. The reindeers that they herd are essential to every aspect of their existence. In this book, Laila Spik introduces just a few of the traditional Sami reindeer recipes which are central to her culture: recipes which she has been honoured to serve, even, to the King of Sweden.

Laila is an extraordinary ambassador for the Sami. Many years ago, her father realised that the Sami's way of life would be affected by the ways of the wider world. He ensured that his daughter would be schooled in both cultures so that in the future, she could become an ambassador for her people; so that Sami traditions and learning could be communicated to all people, everywhere; so that Sami's precious wisdom would survive and enrich the world.

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